Identifying the Purpose of Your Life

You were born by the purpose of God and for his purpose.

What we all need to do is, identify the purpose for which we were send on this world. This may sound similar, if we compare it with the invention of any machine. For instance, cars are made, to make our travelling easy, comfortable and fast. So, before its total assemblage, the maker of the car already had a blue print of it’s features and functions, and most importantly its purpose. In the same way when God created us in the image of his ownself, he already had a purpose for us.

Speculation is the tool, which can help us know the purpose. The easiest way to discover the purpose of any machine is to ask it to the inventor, same thing applies in our lives, when we got to know about our purpose, we need to turn towards God and his words, which will definitely reveal the purpose, for which we were created.

Every situation we come across has an underlying purpose. Nothing happens insignificantly, there is a reason attached to everything, which may be beyond our understanding. Regarding, life’s purpose, life on earth is a test, which one undergoes, choosing either evil or good way. You are always being tested for your actions, words and thoughts, the reward at the end being the life of eternity in heaven. Life is temporary, on earth, we work hard here on earth, for our permanent life in heaven.

One in a Million

God has send a beautiful angel in our life,

To be with us in every thick and thin,

To guide us, to guard us, to nurse us,

To be our friend, our buddy.

With whom we can share our secrets, our happiness and sorrows.

Though at times she may scold or thrash us,

But that’s for our good,

To make us a better person.

Never forget the way she carried us safely in her womb,

Pledging to take care of us and love us, even before we were born.

Never ever underestimate your mother,

The challenges she faces for you is incredible.

She is worth more than a superhero, most of us admire.

She is one in a million.

She is Your Mother.


Happy Mother’s Day to all mommies, the would be mommies and the future mommies.


In the midst of all the newness when you are set free into the world of humans. It’s you who choose up and find persons with whom you are attracted enough to find acquaintance with or either the other person is attracted to your personality. Either a strong connection or just a new bond with the person it’s a pathway towards self revelation too. The moment you get attached with some one you let yourself open up to a new sphere of life, you not only let loose yourself but you can in the process even imbibe the qualities of the other. It’s the whole process of building yourself up with the tit bits all around you. Friendship it’s all about emotions and feelings. Sharing of thoughts, your burdens, your problems, your happiness and your sadness it’s all a part of friendship. It’s hard enough to find a friend whom can be treated as a family. It’s a relationship which cannot be ignored and done away with. SO BE WISE ENOUGH WHILE CHOOSING FRIENDS THEY SHAPE UP YOUR LIVES.


You can never stand your head held high until and unless you overcome some biggest fears and problems of yours. Problems come knocking at the door without getting noticed initially and it gradually just grows bigger and bigger. But if you the compassion to forego such problems there’s no stopping. Yeah, and once you are rid of that oh what a relief!


It has been almost a year since I have been observing a tree through a window. Many days and months have passed by and all I could see was Changes.

It’s wonderful when nature reveals truths of life to me or may be I’m being too philosophical nowadays. Those slight changes they are so eye-catching I couldn’t have stopped myself from letting that go unobserved. You may wonder what kind of change I’m talking about. Yes, of course that’s not a new thing but I would like to share with you what that CHANGE meant to me. Have you observed any tree ? All the year round? Yeah, I did so for the first time when I shifted to a new place. Last year that tree was left with no leaves, to be precise not a single one. But still I could see birds sitting and chirping on the branches of that tree morning and evening. It looked beautiful to me. But once I wondered is this tree dead because  I never saw a leaf on it, since the day I shifted to this new place.

As the days went by I waited hopefully to get a view of greenery in front of my window. But, it took so long. Spring came, yeah and that was the time when that tree could be seen in lush green leaves. It made me smile. I have always been a nature lover and seeing such close change it was extraordinary.

 But at the present moment it makes me realise some truths of life. Things which may look barren and dead from outside may not be such from inside. There was life within that tree which I failed to notice because I was busy in search for the outward beauty, the leaves. Similarly people may look hollow and lifeless but the fire of enthusiasm still burns within them all night long. May be their season of perfect flourishment has not yet arrived. But the hope still remains, that spring is no far. It’s just a matter of time and the cycle goes on and on. Changes are the part of life. We may fall and stumble at some point in our lives, they are just a phase of life, to make us a new person, from outside and inside. No one’s spirit and soul is dead…there is life within everyone…may be one just needs to explore oneself closely and deeply to understand and feel those special changes which makes them  a person in the long run of life.

NATURAL are these CHANGES. When a  tree can become habituated to such changes all the year round. 

Why can’t we? 

Let’s make us bold enough to accept such changes. As there is a saying after the sunshine there is always a rain. Changes they may break us but eventually they make us.

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