In the midst of all the newness when you are set free into the world of humans. It’s you who choose up and find persons with whom you are attracted enough to find acquaintance with or either the other person is attracted to your personality. Either a strong connection or just a new bond with the person it’s a pathway towards self revelation too. The moment you get attached with some one you let yourself open up to a new sphere of life, you not only let loose yourself but you can in the process even imbibe the qualities of the other. It’s the whole process of building yourself up with the tit bits all around you. Friendship it’s all about emotions and feelings. Sharing of thoughts, your burdens, your problems, your happiness and your sadness it’s all a part of friendship. It’s hard enough to find a friend whom can be treated as a family. It’s a relationship which cannot be ignored and done away with. SO BE WISE ENOUGH WHILE CHOOSING FRIENDS THEY SHAPE UP YOUR LIVES.


You can never stand your head held high until and unless you overcome some biggest fears and problems of yours. Problems come knocking at the door without getting noticed initially and it gradually just grows bigger and bigger. But if you the compassion to forego such problems there’s no stopping. Yeah, and once you are rid of that oh what a relief!