Identifying the Purpose of Your Life

You were born by the purpose of God and for his purpose.

What we all need to do is, identify the purpose for which we were send on this world. This may sound similar, if we compare it with the invention of any machine. For instance, cars are made, to make our travelling easy, comfortable and fast. So, before its total assemblage, the maker of the car already had a blue print of it’s features and functions, and most importantly its purpose. In the same way when God created us in the image of his ownself, he already had a purpose for us.

Speculation is the tool, which can help us know the purpose. The easiest way to discover the purpose of any machine is to ask it to the inventor, same thing applies in our lives, when we got to know about our purpose, we need to turn towards God and his words, which will definitely reveal the purpose, for which we were created.

Every situation we come across has an underlying purpose. Nothing happens insignificantly, there is a reason attached to everything, which may be beyond our understanding. Regarding, life’s purpose, life on earth is a test, which one undergoes, choosing either evil or good way. You are always being tested for your actions, words and thoughts, the reward at the end being the life of eternity in heaven. Life is temporary, on earth, we work hard here on earth, for our permanent life in heaven.