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The Story of my Life – @geninealyssa

Piano Whispers – @conniewindecker

Big Little Books – @louiseharness

Perspicacious – @shilpa30blog

Pilgrim’s Sojourn – @larryklambert

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Lessons From The Elderly — Discover

“I looked down at my now sleeping Mom. She was laying there naked faced, no lipstick, her thinning hair completely flattened and messy, and wrapped in a flimsy, faded hospital gown. And, I thought she had never looked more beautiful in her entire life.”

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Caution: Graduation Season Ahead — The Gloria Sirens

By Susan Lilley Graduation Season: a primer for parents whose kids are headed to (loud intake of breath) college. Originally published in These days, kids “graduate” a lot. Cap and gown ceremonies mark the exits from kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school. But no graduation is as life-altering in its high and lows as the […]

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One in a Million

God has send a beautiful angel in our life,

To be with us in every thick and thin,

To guide us, to guard us, to nurse us,

To be our friend, our buddy.

With whom we can share our secrets, our happiness and sorrows.

Though at times she may scold or thrash us,

But that’s for our good,

To make us a better person.

Never forget the way she carried us safely in her womb,

Pledging to take care of us and love us, even before we were born.

Never ever underestimate your mother,

The challenges she faces for you is incredible.

She is worth more than a superhero, most of us admire.

She is one in a million.

She is Your Mother.


Happy Mother’s Day to all mommies, the would be mommies and the future mommies.


IMG_8809 Life has always been unusual to me. Those unexpected u-turns in my life, will always be remembered by me. Most of the time we plan something, but either they happen differently or they do not happen at all.


“People may plan all kinds of things, but the Lord’s will is going to be done.” (Proverbs 19:21)


This may have happened in your lives too. I don’t think I am an exceptional to it, because life is all about surprises. You may have no idea what would happen the very next year, the very next month, the very next week, the very next day, the very next hour,the very next minute and the very next moment. Everything is planned beforehand by God. All you have got to do is, keep accepting your fate. One day you will surely become a flower blossoming among weeds. All the trials and tribulations (those u-turns) that you go through may at one time seem wrong, but it is always for your good, making you strong physically, spiritually and mentally. At times it may happen that we are unable to fulfill our heartfelt desire of doing something. We may get strolled in some different unexpected path which we never wished for or dreamt of. But you need not worry, everything happens for a reason, for your good, for your growth and for your betterment.


As we all know there are two sides of a coin. One side may be considered as a negative aspect and the other as a positive aspect. Similarly when any situation arises in our lives, it depends on our thinking and our understanding that whether we are going to accept its positive or negative aspect. The moment we take it positively, considering as I said before, that everything happens for good. Then, you will definitely find yourself in the right track, always moving forward never looking back. But, when you accept its negative aspects, you go astray though moving forward, but this time not in the right but the wrong track. Make wise choices.


    “What you think is the right road may lead to death.” (Proverbs 16:25)


Life is all about u-turns,and the path which you choose after such u-turns.
What I am right now is because of those u-turns and those paths. This is what has made me and will always be making me, better and better throughout my life.