Tears of Joy

Do you remember the day you were born? Of course the answer would be no. You failed to notice the tears rolling down from the eyes, which expressed the immense joy of your parents, seeing you taking birth in this world. Would you have noticed it, then it would have made a vast difference. Before you commit any mistake against your parents which can hurt them, just think over it. Those ‘tears of joy‘ may convert into ‘tears of sorrow‘. Strive hard enough to never let this happen. Make sure you love and respect them without any selfish needs. Doing this is what every children should consider it as their duty. Its never too late for a change. If you think, that in your past you have not done anything worthy to make your parents happy , there is still a chance. Make use of the time and life which you have got as a blessing from God to make your parents proud of you.


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