The Secret Desire


The auditorium at Wilfred University roared with the claps of the audience which consisted of the students, parents, higher officials and the one and only speaker at the stage who was delivering her speech. She once had the dark future but now she had become the role model of the young generations. Her hard work and achievements had attracted not only young pupil but even others who were elder to her. Her speech remarkably touched the deepest corner of the hearts of everyone present in the auditorium; even she started remembering all the past events which had helped her to become what she was now at present.

On her 17th birthday while cutting a small muffin at home with her younger brother Tom and younger sister Bella, Rebecca while making a wish asked to God for fulfilling her secret desire. She wished to fulfill her brothers and sisters needs and providing her mother and father with some financial support but this was only her secondary concern her main desires was something different.

Her mother Mrs. Jenna Brown was a housewife and her father Mr. William Brown used to earn money by doing little petty things and menial jobs. The Brown family had a very weak financial backbone and Mr. Brown was just capable enough to send Rebecca to one of the government school, while Bella and Tom were taught at home by Rebecca.

Bella asked Rebecca,” What did you wish for?” but Rebecca just gave a smile to her little sister saying that “Wishes should not be revealed otherwise it does not get fulfilled”. Tom took no notice of what was going on and he at once gulped the muffin with the following sound of burp. This diverted Rebecca and Bella who were having the conversation and they at once started tickling their younger brother Tom who was 5 years old.

Bella was a girl of twelve years so she was treated as a best friend by her sister Rebecca.  Rebecca shared everything with Bella, but there was one thing about which Bella was very much curious to inquire of from her sister, that was Rebecca’s secret desire.

One fine day after returning back from school, Rebecca hurriedly came running towards Bella who was trying to solve out the mathematical sums which she had taught her. Bella was all in surprise and shock, seeing her sister in such a happy mood. Coming closer towards Bella, Rebecca said “Bella, you are my friend even more than that, though I previously did not wanted to share my desires with anyone but now its uncontrollable for me to keep my secret intact within me. I want to share with you my Bella, that my desires, though belong only to me, but my concerns are always you, Tom, Mom and Dad. I always had a bent towards dance and when I came to know that a dance competition is going to be commenced during our winter vacations , whose prize money was 100 dollars together with a grant of scholarship at Wilfred University till I get graduated in Music and Dance, I could not stop myself and hurriedly registered my name for the competition, but the problem is that only four month is left and for participating 10 dollars as a sum is required to be submitted and this is not the end, for joining dance class another sum of 10 dollars will be required. I am in a great depression, Bella,–‘How will I arrange this huge sum of money?’ even Dad cannot help me out with this problem. But I have a plan and I am desperately in need of your help, Bella. I know you are not going to refuse me. So with this satisfaction I openly subdued my desires to you.”

Bella, said “I am always there, ready for any help to you, but-‘What am I suppose to do?’ that will be beneficial for you.”

Rebecca, said” I need your help in finding a part time job so that I can earn some money for paying for my dance class and also for the registration form.”

Bella, replied “Sure sister, from tomorrow itself I will start finding some part time jobs for you. And I promise that I will also perform some petty jobs and I am sure it will take just few weeks for us to earn the required money for your dance classes and the competition.”

Rebecca hugged her sister and she started crying in happiness. They both sobbed in tears.

Next day Rebecca hurriedly did her household chores and got ready for school  and Bella accompanied her on her way to school, hoping that she might find some job for the day and earn some lump sum amount.

Luckily while she was returning back after leaving her elder sister up to school she found a coffee shop with a board hanging in the wall declaring-“Young Girls Required As Waitresses. Contact, As Soon As Possible.”

Bella when saw this, started dancing with happiness on the street, and jumping and leaping, hurriedly went to home and eagerly waited for Rebecca to arrive from school so that she could share this good news with her.

It was noon time and as the church bell struck two. It was time for Rebecca to return home and again the excitement of Bella grew and grew until Rebecca arrived.

Rebecca was looking too much tired when she returned back home but seeing her sister Bella reciting hymns, singing songs and dancing with Tom, her tiredness just vanished away. She kept her school bag and went towards Bella to inquire about the reason behind, her immense joy and happiness.

Seeing her sister approaching her, she also ran towards her, caught hold of her both hands and made her dance too. Rebecca was still in shock and surprise, but, while they were dancing Bella said to her that-“Rebecca you are just few steps away from your secret desire.”

Sssshhhh….Rebecca whispered to Bella. She asked Tom to go and play outside with his friends. Tom went happily because most of the time he was grounded in home, so this little happy moments in his favour added sugar coating to his life.

When Tom left the room, Bella and Rebecca had a brief conversation.

Rebecca said, “Bella you are not supposed to speak up about my secret desire in front of Tom, else he would tell mum and dad about this.”

Bella said, “Sorry sister I will not repeat this mistake, but my excitement has a very good reason behind it. I am sure you are going to be in seventh heaven when I will tell you the reason.”

Rebecca insisted Bella to tell her the reason but Bella being a naughty girl, did not reveal the reason for few minutes and just kept smiling about. Finally after ten or fifteen minutes of her continuous smiling, Bella revealed to her the reason. She said to Rebecca, “I succeeded in the task given by you to me. While in the morning when I was returning back home after leaving you at school, I saw a hoarding hanging, declaring for the requirement of waitresses. I think we should soon contact them otherwise we will lose this opportunity.”

Next day Rebecca and Bella went to the coffee house and applied for the part time job and they were being chosen for that. They both discussed and Bella decided to work during the morning and noon time while Rebecca decided to work in the evening. They continued with this job for 3 months and this was a satisfactory job for them and they earned enough money for the registration and for the dance class. Mr. Brown and Mrs. Brown were totally unaware of the events. This was Rebecca’s luck and God’s blessings over her that the plan decided by her was being carried out properly.

Daily in the morning, Rebecca was accompanied by her sister on her way to school. The coffee shop was few kilometers away from the school, so after leaving Rebecca at her school, Bella straight away went to finish her day’s task. Bella’s work ended at the same time when Rebecca’s school got over. So while returning back home Bella met with her sister near the school gate, and in brief told her about how her day went by in the coffee house. After that they parted with each other and Bella headed towards the home while Rebecca towards the coffee house. This became their monotonous task for three months. They never disclosed their secret to their father and mother.

As the day went by, excitement of Rebecca increased. Bella and Rebecca in just one week were able to earn enough money to be paid for the registration in the dance competition and for admission in the dance class. They were happy and glad with this little accomplishment which meant a lot to Rebecca. This was her dream, her desire, and her fortune was favoring her, to fulfill it.

Three months passed by, and they were extremely fortunate, to have received the sweet fruits of their tremendous hard work. Now just only one month was left for the dance competition to begin and Rebecca was all set for this. This fourth month was spent by Rebecca only in practice, practice and practice. Her hard work was reflected on her face, she looked so tired that her mum always used to ask her that what is the matter, is she ill or suffering from some problem, but Rebecca just replied plainly, that her extra class was going on, so she looked a bit tired and fatigued. But the reality was something different that, even her mother could have not imagined that.

She practiced whole heartedly and was engrossed in it, keeping in mind that, this was the chance which could entirely change her future, from the present life,which she was living. Day by day practice made her more perfect and she learnt various dance forms in the dance class. She now became aware of various dances and tried to learn them as fast as possible. From Italian to Spanish to Indian she became a versatile dancer and this was just what was needed for her to win this competition.

The day of competition arrived and this was the day which would decide her future. Rebecca only invited Bella to see the competition as other family members were not aware of her competition. Hundreds of dance performers and Rebecca being one of them, she was nervous and excited at the same time. Bella boosted her confidence. When her turn came, she started shivering with fear but on entering the stage she forgot all her fears and performed a beautiful Indian classical dance everyone looked at her quizzically, the spectators and even the judges were amazed, surprised, enthralled and enlivened by her performance. She even received the standing ovation from the crowd.

The same scene was now before her eyes, the crowd of people standing and applauding, when she was giving her speech in the auditorium of Wilfred University that made her remind of all the past events of her life. Though ten years had passed by but the past memories are still fresh in her mind as the blooming bud in the spring time. Whenever she is reminded of this, tears rolls down from her eyes and she can’t stop herself from thanking God for the wonderful life which she is living today.

That night had a life changing moment for her, when she was declared as the winner of the competition by the judges. Her life changed from that very day. When the result was declared, Rebecca was surprised and from the backside of the stage Bella came running towards her, hugged her tightly and they both cried due to immense happiness. She got everything what she wanted and what she deserved. She received the prize money and the scholarship at Wilfred University. After the program was over they immediately went to their home and revealed the secrets which they had kept within themselves, during the past months and days. Mr. William Brown and Mrs. Jenna Brown, their father and mother, inquisitively inquired them about each and every incident, right from the beginning of their part time jobs, dance class, competition and the final winning. They seemed to be a proud father and a proud mother of hers. Everyone in the town now recognized them as ‘parents of Rebecca’. This made their heads held up high.

She is a matured woman now, has completed her graduation on the basis of her scholarship and is now doing the job in the same university as a professor. She is the teacher of music and arts and she is the one who is delivering her speech. She is Rebecca, the girl who once aspired and desired. She is the woman who once had the secret desire. She is now providing every help to her family. Her sister Bella and brother Tom are also receiving education in the well known school of the town. Her father, now no more gets involved in menial and petty jobs. Her mother seems happy with their children achievements. Her family’s living standards have changed and they are now leading a life, which is very different from their past life.

Hidden Truths


Thousand memories flash in my mind,

Of the thousand promises made and broken,

Many came and many went,

All promising the same.

Wearing a mask,

Hiding their innerself,

Living in the aura of Lie’s.

Never to trust again,

I sought,

to such beings.

The truth being bitter to be revealed.



A Wish

She waited for this day ,

for a drop of rain,

To reawaken her dead soul,

And that day arrived.

But, alas she was already dead

Buried deep in the bosom of the

mother earth,

I wish those drops

would seep deep

down into her grave,

To reawaken her dead soul.



Tears of Joy

Do you remember the day you were born? Of course the answer would be no. You failed to notice the tears rolling down from the eyes, which expressed the immense joy of your parents, seeing you taking birth in this world. Would you have noticed it, then it would have made a vast difference. Before you commit any mistake against your parents which can hurt them, just think over it. Those ‘tears of joy‘ may convert into ‘tears of sorrow‘. Strive hard enough to never let this happen. Make sure you love and respect them without any selfish needs. Doing this is what every children should consider it as their duty. Its never too late for a change. If you think, that in your past you have not done anything worthy to make your parents happy , there is still a chance. Make use of the time and life which you have got as a blessing from God to make your parents proud of you.